Lake of the Woods is considered North America’s other Great Lake. With over 14,000 islands and more than 65,000 miles of shoreline, Lake of the Woods has evolved into a premier outdoor recreation area for nature lovers. Unlike the Minnesota side of the lake, Morson, Ontario has the shelter of the islands. This side of Lake of the Woods has sunken reefs and structure for fish habitat in each season. 

Shoreline Sunset Lake of the Woods

Its rocky shores, marshy inlets and sandy bays are habitats suitable for many species of fish, birds, bear, deer, moose and other wildlife. The lake and the surrounding wilderness remain, for the most part, untouched and unchanged by the hands of either humans or time. Visitors can rediscover Lake of the Woods the way the first explorers encountered it many years ago.  

Pictogragh by boat Lake of the Woods

If you are interested in exploring the lake for pictographs, please check with area resorts and businesses for directions to the islands that have these centuries old art form. These Indian rock paintings are believed to be 800-900 years old. You will need a boat or water craft to reach these areas. Please do not touch or mar the drawings. 

Loon on nest Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods is home to many birds that are preferred by photographers such as the American Bald Eagle, the Common Loon, the Blue Heron as well as many species of ducks and other birds. Wild rice bays are feeding grounds for many migrating birds. Flocks of mallards and teal, wood ducks and rafts of bluebills are available to the sure-eyed photographer. 

Sunset Lake of the Woods Morson

Once in Morson, you will have no trouble in viewing a breath taking sunrise or sunset. No smog or bright city lights to block the view. Because of the numerous undeveloped islands and bays, each view of the lake is unobstructed and pristine. Photographers will agree that nature is easy to capture without the interference of power lines and traffic. And if you catch the nothern lights, they will amaze you.

Northern Lights Sabaskong Bay Lake of the Woods

  Island splendor, Feel it!